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What's the Big Deal with Small Cells? (8/2/2018)
The increased demand for wireless services means that street lights, utility poles, buildings, and more are now home to small wireless facilities. Top telecommunications attorney Adam Simon stops by a regular meeting of our podcast, Quorum Forum, to discuss how municipaliti...
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What to Do When Your Gov Gets Sued! (7/19/2018)
People sue the government all the time, but (hopefully) your local government doesn’t receive a lawsuit every day. Ancel Glink litigator Aaron Bitterman joins us for a special meeting to discuss some of the first things your local government should do when a lawsuit comes i...
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A New Episode of Quorum Forum is Available! Defending Claims Against Police! (7/10/2018)
What challenges do local governments face defending police misconduct allegations? Christy Michaelson joins our regular meeting with updates on police legislation from Ancel Glink Defense E-News, and Tom DiCianni discusses how technology and media attention affect the defen...
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Dan Bolin and Ellen Emery Talk Police Body Cameras and Local Government Law (6/22/2018)
Ancel Glink partners, Dan Bolin and Ellen Emery were recently featured on GovLove, a podcast produced by Engaging Local Government Leaders. Dan and Ellen discussed all of the legal questions that come with police body cameras.You can listen to the episode here. 
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A New Episode of Quorum Forum is Available! Take it to the Bank! (6/22/2018)
In Episode 4, Ancel Glink’s Brent Denzin provides strategies for addressing blighted, vacant, and abandoned properties. Brent discusses how local governments can team up to form “land banks” that acquire problem properties, and return them to productive tax-paying use.

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